The Clear Path To A Straight Smile

The Clear Path To A Straight Smile

The Clear Path To A Straight Smile

Are you self-conscious about the placement of your teeth and would love to try an orthodontic option but are not interested in traditional metal braces? We can help you! Long gone are the days where your only orthodontic choice was metal braces. We have a popular orthodontic option that is the clear winner when compared to other options, especially if you are an adult. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to find out more and see if this is the right treatment for your needs.

Why Choose Clear Aligners

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, clear aligners are a wonderful option that is popular with many of our patients. What are clear aligners exactly? This treatment consists of clear plastic trays that are fitted to your teeth and slowly transition and move them to the desired placement. Aside from improving the aesthetics of your teeth, clear aligners can also assist with the discomfort caused by a misaligned bite. Clear aligners can also help with crowding issues that can lead to oral health complications, such as recurring tooth decay and gum disease.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Many of our patients love that they can easily see the transformation of their smile while wearing clear aligners. One of the biggest benefits clear aligners provide is that they are removable. This allows patients to enjoy their favorite foods with no restrictions and drink, brush, and floss with no complications or difficulties. Patients also love that they can remove their aligner trays for special occasions or events. There are many additional benefits and advantages clear aligners provide our patients:

  • More aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces
  • Typically shorter treatment time than other options
  • Easier to care for and clean than traditional braces
  • Fully customized to fit your teeth exactly
  • Convenient and comfortable to wear
  • Fewer visits needed in our office

Interested in learning if you are a candidate for clear aligners? If you are located in the Montgomery, AL area, call our office today to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help you on your journey to loving your smile again!

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