Show Off Your Bright Smile

Show Off Your Bright Smile

Would you like to have a brighter smile? Have you thought about professional, in-office teeth whitening or teeth bleaching? It is the one of the most popular dental procedures in the world today, and a quick and easy way to brighten teeth and upgrade your smile. Tooth discoloration is common as tooth enamel changes color and becomes stained by foods and beverages over time. In just about an hour, your dentist or dental hygienist can make your teeth 5–7 shades lighter.

Benefits of In-office Whitening:

  • Safest form of teeth bleaching — Performed in a controlled environment by knowledgeable professionals
  • Fastest way to get the best results — Higher percentages of peroxide and bleaching gels are used in conjunction with LED or laser technology to produce immediate results
  • Painless
  • Best option for those with tooth and/or gum sensitivity

Candidates for In-Office Whitening:

In-office teeth whitening is most effective for people with yellowed teeth. Chairside whitening removes stains caused primarily by aging, food and drink, and tobacco use. Deep, inorganic stains, however, may be resistant to whitening. Additionally, professional teeth whitening may not change the color of fillings or crowns under normal circumstances.

What to Expect:

  1. Your dentist will prep your teeth with a routine cleaning to remove any surface plaque.
  2. They will then take a photo of your teeth to record the current shade and to measure the whitening treatment’s progress.
  3. To protect your gums, a liquid rubber dam or protective gel will be placed along the gum line. Your mouth will also be isolated with gauze to keep teeth dry, and cheek retractors may be used to keep lips, tongue and cheek tissue away from whitening solution and teeth.
  4. Next, the teeth will be coated with the whitening solution, typically made of hydrogen peroxide, and will be left on for 30 minutes or more. Some whitening products may require a bright light or laser to activate or enhance the whitening process.
  5. Your dentist will then rinse your teeth and may apply another coat. The entire process may take 60-90 minutes to complete.

We are happy to brighten the smiles of our patients in Montgomery, AL with professional, in-office teeth whitening treatments. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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