Oral Health Signs You Should Never Ignore

Oral Health Signs You Should Never Ignore

At Parkside Dental Care, we care about the state of your current oral health and want you to know how the choices you make today can negatively affect your oral health in the future. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate about routine dental care and visiting our office at least every six months for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning. Since we see you so infrequently during the year, caring for your oral health as well as being mindful of any changes in the state of your teeth, bite, and mouth is extremely important. These are some warning signs that may indicate you have a problem with you oral health:

Tooth Discomfort
If you experience tooth discomfort, we recommend thoroughly brushing your teeth. If that does not solve the problem, you may be experiencing a problem with your tooth enamel, such as decay or worn enamel.

Sensitive Teeth
Persistent sensitivity may indicate a problem such as worn enamel or an exposed tooth root. While tooth sensitivity following certain dental treatments is to be expected, frequent sensitivity problems are a cause for concern.

Continuous Bad Breath
Bad breath is not uncommon after eating and drinking. If you experience unexplained or frequent bad breath, it can be an indication that you have tooth decay or gum disease.

Sores or Lumps in Your Mouth
Frequent canker sores that do not heal properly or lumps in your mouth can be an indicator of a severe problem such as oral cancer. Checking for signs of oral cancer is one part of your routine hygiene examinations.

If you are located in Montgomery, AL or the surrounding areas and have recently experienced any of the warning signs mentioned above, we recommend calling our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. We want to be sure to diagnose any problems and recommend treatment to prevent issues from progressing. We would also love to hear from you if it has been more than six months since your last routine examination. We hope to hear from you soon!

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